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July 28, 2010

Progress last week

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I finally had a good long run.  I woke up before 5:00 am on Saturday and was on the trail for a 16 mile run before 5:30 am.  I felt strong after the run.  This coming weekend, I will reduce my mileage to 13.1 miles as I use the Chicago Rock ‘n Roll half marathon to supplement my Chicago marathon training.

And I was able to do some speed work too.  Three 10K time trials at 60:59, 60:27, and 59:50.  I plan to do two more 10K time trials before the Chicago half marathon on Sunday.   hope to do both of them in the 59:00 to 60:00 range.


July 18, 2010

Too much heat and humidity, not enough sleep

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Why do I always do this?  I planned to run 16 miles today.  But I abused my body again.

I was up until 12:30 am, watching television.  6 hours later, I woke up.  I was out the door at 7:20 am but it was too darn hot and humid.  I could only go 10 miles in 2 hours.  I probably could have pushed to get 16 miles but I was slowing down significantly and did not want to risk injury /sickness in the heat and humidity.

12 more weeks until the Chicago marathon.  I’ll try for the 16 miler again next weekend.  This time though, I need to follow some basic rules.

1.  Get 8 hours or more of sleep the night before.

2.  Eat a sensible dinner and a sensible breakfast.

3.  Wake up at 5:00 am.  Waking up past 6:30 am when the sun has already been up for 30 minutes, just is too much if I am going to run 16 miles.   By the time I hit the trail, temperatures are already soaring.

July 13, 2010

13 weeks to go and still out of shape

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My goal for the Chicago marathon in 13 weeks is to run it between 4:45 and 5:00.  I did a 13 mile training run last Saturday and it took me over 2.5 hours in the summer heat.  I have 13 weeks to improve on that to reach my goal.

I have an unusual schedule for the Chicago marathon.  Three weeks before the Chicago marathon, I entered the Air Force marathon in Dayton, Ohio.  I will attempt one of my 20 mile long runs during the Air force marathon.  I might drop off after mile 20 and see how I am doing.  I’ve never done this before but I really appreciate the well supported course at Wright Patterson Air Force base in Dayton.

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