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April 4, 2010

Scratch Cleveland Marathon

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I made a decision today not to run the Cleveland Marathon, which is in six weeks due to the following reasons.

1.  Got sick twice this year already which has hampered training.  I’m also starting to feel sick again this weekend as I started coughing and seem to be experiencing the first stages of a sore throat.  I need to be careful.

2.  Too busy at work with an expanded role (still the same company)

3.  Winter was terrible with snow almost everyday in Ohio from January to early March set me behind in my training

Next marathon will likely be in September when I run the Air Force Marathon in Dayton, Ohio.  Last year, my first of three marathons was in July at San Francisco.  This year, I still want to run three marathons but it might be crammed into a three month period from September to November.  Hopefully I will be in great shape by then.

With six weeks to go, the longest run I have done is only 13.1 miles and it is just too difficult for me right now to get up to marathon fitness level in that time span.  However, I will run the Cleveland Half Marathon.  My goal for that race is to set a half marathon PR.

Thus, this is the 2010 marathon race schedule as it stands (I’m still finalizing the half marathon schedule):

Marathons – 3

1.  Air Force in Dayton, Ohio (mid September)

2.  Chicago Marathon (early October) – already registered

3.  Marine Corps Marathon (late October) – already registered

I figured that since I did two marathons in two weeks last year, hopefully I can handle 3 marathons in a nine week span in the Fall.


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