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September 27, 2009

2nd PR in 2 weeks

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I ran the Homestretch 20 miler in my hood, Westerville, Ohio (if you can ever call suburban yuppie golf course lined master-planned community Westerville a hood) this morning. The race started amid a torrential downpour at 7:00 am and it did not stop raining until 10:00 am. This race was the final training run before the Columbus marathon in 3 weeks for most of the participants. I was using this race as a training run before the Chicago marathon in two weeks.

My previous fastest 20 miles was in last year’s Columbus marathon where I clocked in at about 3:49:00 around mile 20. For this run, my goal was to break 3:40:00 for an 11:00 per mile pace. I want to be able to finish the Chicago marathon at an 11:00 per mile pace or around 4:48:12. For most of the race I was 10-30 seconds per mile ahead of the goal pace. But around mile 16, I was wearing down and running at over an 11:00 per mile pace. At mile 18, I was right on pace at 3:18:00. However, I had a slow mile 19 and at the end of mile 19, I was at 3:29:20. I needed to run the last mile in 10:40 to achieve my race goal. I sped up with about 0.5 miles to go an finished the last mile in 10:15. Over-all time was 3:39:35 for a 10:59 per mile pace. I barely beat my race goal by 25 seconds but I lowered my PR by 9:25.

The race was my second PR in two weeks after the PR at last week’s US Air force Half Marathon in Dayton, Ohio. Hopefully, I can make it 3 PRs when Chicago comes around in 14 days. Now is happy hour time a.k.a taper time.


September 22, 2009

Run Harder, Get Smarter

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One page article from NY Times Sunday Magazine on how running makes you smarter.

September 19, 2009

US Air Force Half Marathon PR

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Half Marathon pacer Kristen is phenomenal. She paced the 2:10 group at the US Air Force Half Marathon in Dayton, Ohio early this morning. My goal was to finish in 2:08:59. I finished in 2:08:56 or a 9:51 per mile pace … a new PR by 56 seconds for me! I stuck with Kristen until mile 12. She told me I looked strong and advised me to go for it. I ran the last mile in about 9:00 for a strong finish and a PR. According to my watch, I actually ran 13.17 miles at a 9:47 per mile pace. The best thing about this race was that I felt strong afterwards and probably could have run 5 more miles.

Dave McGillivray, the Boston Marathon’s race director, ran the half marathon too. He said that the race had flawless execution. I strongly agree. Out of the 30 marathons and half marathons I have run, the US Air Force Marathon/Half Marathon is the most organized race. Good parking, great course routes, lots of water/aid stations, and a kick ass pace team. The best part was the two jets that flew over the starting line a few seconds before the start of both the Marathon race at 7:30 am and the Half Marathon race at 8:30 am. Great work by the men and women of the US Air Force.

BTW, the most interesting thing in the course today was a German Luftwaffe plane parked near the finish line. It had the German Iron Cross along with green camouflage paint. It looks like it was a Messerschmitt 163 that they put out on the runway.

September 18, 2009

USAF Half Marathon Race Strategy

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I will run my 4th US Air Force Half Marathon in Wright Patterson Air Force base located in Dayton, Ohio this Saturday. In the past, I have run it in 2:10:19, 2:11:20, and 2:12:30. Goal for this race is 2:08:59.

Race strategy is simple. Follow the 2:10 pace until mile 11. Then go all out for the final 2 miles which is mostly downhill. The first 11 miles has various steep and not too steep hills to climb. The most challenging hill is in mile 1. I have a feeling that mile 1 will be at around 10:45 to 11:00 for me. I plan to catch up with the pace group by miles 4-5. I need to harness my energy and keep up with the pace group until mile 11. Then hopefully, I can speed up and finish in 2:08:59.

September 17, 2009

Chicago Marathon Participant Guide – Impressive

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I received the Chicago Marathon Participant Guide in the mail today.  It is 36 pages filled with lots of relevant information.  Very impressive!

September 16, 2009

Nike Human Race 10K – too few cities

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October 23 or 24, depending on the city is when the Nike Human Race 10K will be held this year. Unfortunately, there are only 3 American cities involved: New York, Los Angeles, and Columbus. The Los Angeles race will be at USC while the Columbus race will be at OSU.  It seems odd that Nike could only get 3 cities to participate this year.

Last Saturday, USC defeated OSU in the last minute by a score of 18-15 in the biggest football game of the year so far. I watched the game at Ohio Stadium and got home at 1:30 am. This was after a morning run of 16.0 miles. What an exhausting Saturday for me.  It would be interesting to see who is faster – the participants of the Human Race 10K in USC or OSU. Perhaps the Buckeyes can finally defeat the Trojans in this type of competition.

Link to the race:

September 8, 2009

Double in Illinois

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I jut got back from my Labor Day Weekend trip to the Chicago suburbs. On Sunday, I ran the Batavia, Illinois Half Marathon in 2:15:59. On Monday, I ran the Oak Brook, Illinois Half Marathon in 2:23:38. Total combined time for the two half marathons in Illinois was 4:39:37.

18 weeks ago, I also did two half marathons in two days in Columbus, Ohio and Cincinnati, Ohio with a combined time of 4:38:42. I was 55 seconds slower for the double in Illinois compared to the double in Ohio. I did have a home field advantage in Ohio since I was more familiar with the course. With more practice, I think I will get better at these doubles.

More thoughts on Batavia and Oak Brook in the next few days. I will likely attempt another two half marathons in two days in late March 2010 when I try to run the National Half Marathon in Washington DC and the Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach, Virginia. then another double half marathon weekend will be on the schedule for early May 2010 in Columbus and Cincinnati. My ultimate goal for these two half marathons in two days is to break 4:30 for the combined time.

September 2, 2009

Nice gesture

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The Spirit of Columbus Half Marathon organizers sent a letter of apology today for the various problems during the race last Sunday.  They then offered a 20% discount in a 4 mile race in Columbus, Ohio and 30% discount of a Half Marathon race in Pittsburgh, PA to be held in November.  I might consider Pittsburgh in my quest for 50 half marathons in 50 states but it also conflicts with a race in Huntington, West Virginia.  Both are 3 hours away so this will be a critical decision.

The good thing about this race was that the organizers admitted their shortcomings and seem committed to correcting these issues for next year.  Here is the list of what went wrong according to the organizers:

*  Water Stations early on the course Running out of water

*  Water Station 2 and 4 unmanned with volunteer issues

*  Port-A-Johns being taken to the wrong locations – not being on the

course where we indicated they would be in our instructions

*  Running out of Hammer Gel – 600 wasn’t enough

*  Oranges not at the station to be handed out

*  Athletes not liking the taste of the Energy Drink HEED

*  Not enough Extra Smalls, Smalls and Medium Technical Shirts

*  110 short on techincal hats

*  110 short on medals

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