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June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to runningdatcom!

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It is’s 37th birthday tomorrow.  All you run bloggers, please wish him a happy birthday!


June 22, 2009

Finally got the 20 miler

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I am exhausted.  On Sunday morning I ran my second 20 miler of the year and the first straight one without an intermission for lunch.  I was ok for the first 18 miles.  Then for the last two miles, I was more often walking than running.  It was a warm day too.  The temperature started out at 78 degrees and hovered in the mid 80s all through the morning.

Next 20 miler is July 11 due to various social commitments over the next two weeks.

June 19, 2009

8 Yasso 800s

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I’ve known about the Yasso 800s for a few years now but I never attempted to do them until this Friday afternoon. I always see that guy Bart Yasso in various marathon expos hawking his book. Below is the link to the original Runner’s World article.,7120,s6-238-244-255-624-0,00.html

In summary, a Yasso 800 is running 800 meters then jogging 400 meters. Your time for the 800 meters is supposed to predict your finishing time in a marathon. For example, if you run the 800 meters in 4:30, your predicted marathon finishing time is 4:30:00.

I did 8 Yasso 800s on Friday afternoon. I love those 1/2 day Fridays company benefit during the summer! This is the first time I did the Yasso 800s but I enjoyed them quite a bit and will surely incorporate them into my marathon training.

Yasso 800 # 1 – 4:19

Yasso 800 # 2 – 4:14

Yasso 800 # 3 – 4:14

Yasso 800 # 4 – 4:15

Yasso 800 # 5 – 4:28

Yasso 800 # 6 – 4:20

Yasso 800 # 7 – 4:18

Yasso 800 # 8 – 4:15

That is an average of 4:18 for the 8 Yasso 800s. I don’t quite believe I can do a marathon in 4:18 given my fitness level, at least in the short or medium term. If I lose 15-25 lbs., perhaps I can do 4:18. a more realistic marathon “stretch goal” would probably be 4:45 or 1 minute per mile slower than 4:18.

June 18, 2009

Deena Kastor 1st elite woman to commit to the Chicago marathon

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US Olympian Kastor to run in Chicago Marathon

OMAHA, Neb. — It’s not a coincidence Deena Kastor chose to take the first big step in her comeback from last summer’s devastating foot injury by running in the Chicago Marathon.

Besides being flat and fast, the course provides a bit of Olympic symmetry since it will be used for the 2016 Games if Chicago wins its bid to host. Kastor, the American record holder, broke her foot at the Beijing Olympics.

“I have high expectations for the race,” said Kastor, who won it in 2005. “I’m really excited to get after it and lower my personal record.”

Kastor set the U.S. record of 2 hours, 19 minutes and 36 seconds at the 2006 London Marathon and believes she can better that mark, and even get below 2:18. Paula Radcliffe of Britain holds the women’s world record, running a 2:15:25 at London in 2003.

The 36-year-old Kastor is the first elite woman to commit to run the Chicago marathon, which is sponsored by Bank of America, on Oct. 11.

“Chicago regularly brings in a star-studded field,” she said. “I really think that I am going to have my work cut out for me.”

Among those Kastor expects to see in the field is Constantina Tomescu-Dita of Romania, who won gold in Beijing.

Kastor won marathon bronze at the 2004 Athens Olympics and was among the favorites last Aug. 17, but felt something pop in her foot just past the 3-mile mark. She pulled up immediately with what was later diagnosed as a broken foot.

Her training for Beijing had gone well, and the injury took Kastor completely by surprise.

“Everything seemed fine,” she said. “My foot got tight for just 30 seconds before it happened. It was more painful than anything I’d ever been through before.”

That pain extended to her mental outlook. After years of preparing to perform on a global stage, Kastor was left with stores of physical and emotional energy she couldn’t use.

“It was bizarre to feel this pent-up tension and not have an outlet,” she said.

It didn’t take long for that sense of unfinished business to spur Kastor to launch a bid to run at the 2012 London Olympics.

“Being not able to perform to my potential (in Beijing) fired that desire,” she said.

Kastor, who lives in Mammoth Lakes, Calif., didn’t start running again until November, after her foot had time to heal from the break that was attributed to a vitamin D deficiency. She has addressed that problem by adjusting her diet and adding supplements.

By the spring she had resumed her normal training routine and returned to competition in the Bay to Breakers and the Great Edinburgh Run, winning the 10-kilometer race in Scotland in 32:38 to beat three-time champion Jelena Prokopcuka.

Kastor was a prerace favorite to win her second New York Mini 10K title this month, but did not race due to inflammation in her big toe. She saw a foot specialist in Toronto who advised her to temporarily scale back her training, especially on hard surfaces.

That’s fine with Kastor, whose love of running first took root as an 11-year-old on the trails in the Santa Monica mountains near where she grew up in Agoura Hills, Calif.

She laughed when asked what it will take to run 26.2 miles at a 5:18 clip.

“It’s going to take a strong start, a strong middle and a gutsy finish,” she said.

June 16, 2009

Rest does a body good and long summer days

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I ran late this evening.  this was a 5 mile recovery jog.  I felt much better after the weekend of rest and minimal running (2 miles).  Although I am not yet fully recovered from my cold, I feel much better and stronger today.  People at work also comented that I do not sound as terrible as I was last Friday with the cold.

Tomorrow, sunrise is at 6:02 am and sunset is at 9:03 pm although in reality, it does not get really dark until 9:25 pm or so.   These 15 hours of daylight are great if you have to run late into the evening.  On Sunday, June 21, the day will be the longest of the year.

June 15, 2009

AgconOnline looks good in a Flying Pig t-shirt

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Check out a picture of AgconOnline who I sent a Flying Pig t-shirt to last month.

June 14, 2009

On the other hand …

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Harry Truman once said “Give me a one-handed economist! All my economists say, On the one hand, and on the other.  ”

The lack of running this weekend was not optimal for marathon training.  However, on the other had, I finished a very amusing book called “The Black Swan” by Nassim Taleb and started reading a novel called “Stone’s Fall” by Iain Pears.

Just google these books and you will get many book reviews about these two interesting books.

20 miles became 2 miles

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After resting most of Saturday, I felt a little bit better. I woke up at 6:00 am on Sunday morning. I took a shower, had a very light breakfast of sliced peaches, and put on my running attire. I wanted to test how far I could go given that I was still sick. I went 2 miles and started calling it a day. I felt that I could probably go up to 8 miles but I would be in worse condition after the run. I was afraid of getting even more sick and unable to run for 1-2 weeks. My original marathon training plan for this weekend called for 20 miles but instead I ended up with 2 miles.

On the other hand, I got to mow the lawn after the short jog. That was a good 1 hour of non-running exercise.

June 13, 2009

Running when sick

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I was in bed by 10:00 pm on Friday night and was up at 6:00 am on Saturday.  Thus, I got a good 8 hours of sleep.  However, I still felt sick with a stuffy nose and lots of coughing.  As I assessed my current fitness, I was confident that I could run … but probably only for 5.0 miles or 8.0 miles as a stretch.  I remember prometheuscometh commenting on his blog about running when sick which even made his condition worse.  I am going to heed prometheucometh’s advice and rest instead.  Perhaps I will try again on Sunday morning but I doubt if I will be fit enough for a 20 miler.

Given that the chances of a 20 miler are close to nil this week (too bad because the weather seems to be cooperating), it looks like I have three more chances before the San Francisco marathon on July 26.

Attempt # 1 – Sunday, June 21.  I can’t really attempt it on Saturday, June 20 due to a mini reunion with high school classmates in Cleveland.  I think the mini reunion will be done by the early evening so I can rest up and do my run.  Chances of accomplishing the 20 miler:  75% (could be higher if I will be fully healed up by next week)

Attempt # 2 – Saturday, June 27.  My cousin is getting married on Saturday, June 27 so Sunday, June 28 is unlikely because the reception will be late into the satuday night.  The challenge here is that my German cousins are coming over for the wedding so I may have to entertain the Germans on Saturday since I rarely see them.  Chances of accomplishing the 20 miler:  50% (depends on whether someone else will entertain the Germans).

I am on vacation July 4 weekend so no attempts for that one.

Attempt # 3 – Saturday, July 11.  This is really the last chance to do the 20 miler before the San Francisco marathon.  No excuses!  Chances of accomplishing the 20 miler:  90%.

June 12, 2009

40 mile week in jeopardy

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I was going for my third straight 40+ mile week in preparation for the San Francisco marathon. As of Friday, I have only done a 5 mile run due to a severe cold. I sounded terrible at work today. I am going to cancel my evening run in the hopes of resting and getting better. With some rest, perhaps I can still do the 20 miler this weekend.

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