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April 26, 2009

More Bundini Brown and Ali’s comments on marathon runners

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Here is a piece that Sports Illustrated did 10 years ago about the Thrilla In Manila 34 years ago featuring Bundini Brown’s famous words.

The article also had Ali’s comments regarding marathon runners.

“And so it will be, for once more had Frazier taken the child of the gods to hell and back. After the fight Futch said: “Ali fought a smart fight. He conserved his energy, turning it off when he had to. He can afford to do it because of his style. It was mainly a question of anatomy, that is all that separated these two men. Ali is now too big, and when you add those long arms, well … Joe has to use constant pressure, and that takes its toll on a man’s body and soul.” Dundee said: “My guy sucked it up and called on everything he had. We’ll never see another one like him.” Ali took a long time before coming down to be interviewed by the press, and then he could only say, “I’m tired of bein’ the whole game. Let other guys do the fightin’. You might never see Ali in the ring again.” In his suite the next morning he talked quietly. “I heard somethin’ once,” he said. “When somebody asked a marathon runner what goes through his mind in the last mile or two, he said that you ask yourself why am I doin’ this. You get so tired. It takes so much out of you mentally. It changes you. It makes you go a little insane. I was thinkin’ that at the end. Why am I doin’ this? What am I doin’ here in against this beast of a man? It’s so painful. I must be crazy. I always bring out the best in the men I fight, but Joe Frazier, I’ll tell the world right now, brings out the best in me. I’m gonna tell ya, that’s one helluva man, and God bless him.”

Youtube on Ali and Brown doing some poetry.


“Go down the well once more!”

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Drew Bundini Brown was Muhammad Ali’s assistant trainer troughout The Greatest’s career.  I doubt if Ali needed an “assistant trainer.”  I think Bundini Brown, who was played by Jamie Foxx in Will Smith’s Ali movie, played more of a cheerleader role rather than an actual trainer.  During The Thrilla In Manila, Ali won the first few rounds and then got pounded by a resurgent Joe Frazier in the middle rounds.  After round 10, it looks like the fight was going to end badly for Ali, when Bundini Brown exhorted Ali to “Force yourself, Champ!  Go down to the well once more!  The world needs ya, Champ!”  Ali regained his form and pulverizes an almost blind Joe Frazier for next few rounds.  Frazier’s corner stops the fight before the 14th round although Smokin’ Joe still had some fight left in him.  Frazier’s corner was concened that Joe might die in the 15th.  Little did Frazier’s corner know that Ali wanted his gloves to be cut off and also wanted to quit the fight from exhaustion.

“When one runs a marathon and is faced with exhaustion around mile 24, it probably is a good idea to remember Bundini Brown’s famous words: “Go down the well once more!”

If I can run 26.2 miles, can I bike 25.0 miles?

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I would like to think that I can ride 25.0 miles in about 2 hours.  I am seriously interested in joining Lance Armstrong’s Pelotonia in Columbus, Ohio this August.  However, I have two main challenges:

1.  San Francisco marathon will be on July 27 and chicago marathon will be on October 11.  I have already registered for both so I don’t have a lot of time to devote for bicycle training with my long runs eating up the weekends.

2.  I have three bikes, none of which is a road bike.  Should I even contemplate purchasing a road bike?

16 miles at 80+ degrees Fahrenheit

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I did my longest run of the year today, 16 miles.  The day started out decently.  I felt good during the first few miles and the weather was at 67 degrees.  Then around mile 12, the temperature shot up to about 84 degrees and I struggled a bit.  I did a 1 minute walk break around mile 14 and another 1 minute walk break at mile 15.

Lesson of the day, don’t stay up too late on Saturday watching boxing if you want to go on a long run on Sunday morning.  This is one lesson I will have to break next week with the Hatton-Pacquiao fight scheduled for late Saturday night.

April 24, 2009

My first Mizuno

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As I was picking up my race packet for the half marathon next weekend at Fleet Feet Sports, the store gave me a 20% discount on everything in the store.  I got “sales talked” into purchasing the Mizuno Wave Inspire which they were selling for $100.  With the 20% discount, I grudgingly handed my $80 to the very nice lady at the sales counter.

The shoe was big enough that I did not have to get a wide size.  We will see as I do a 6 mile test run in balmy 80 degree sunny weather on Friday afternoon.  I have never had a running show that was not a wide size.  Hopefully, the shoe turns out ok or else it is back to Fleet Feet for a refund.

April 23, 2009


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There is going to be a 100 mile bike ride from Columbus, Ohio to Athens, Ohio with Lance Armstrong in late August.  I might just drop the marathon training that week and hop on a bike.  The drive from Columbus to Athens where I did a half marathon earlier this month is beautiful.  They have shorter distances too.

April 22, 2009

What will happen first?

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What will happen first?

A)  American wins the Boston Marathon

B)  Frenchman wins the Tour de France

C)  Briton wins Wimbledon

D)  England wins the World Cup

April 19, 2009

Earth Day Challenge

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In lieu of another long slow run in preparation for the San Francisco marathon in July, I ran another half marathon today. The Earth Day Challenge in the hamlet of Gambier, Ohio is a small event that is held around the campus of Kenyon College (a small liberal arts school with major league athletic facilities) and through the Kokosing Gap bike trail.

I continued to improve my half marathon training run time to 2:16:31 (unofficial) from the 2:17:45 run in Washington, DC four weeks ago and the 2:17:04 run in Athens, Ohio a couple of weeks ago.  I was actually surprised that I was able to go below 2:17 since the first two miles were all uphill and I got surprised by that since I did not reconnoiter the course before the race.  I hope to reach 2:10 eventually or lower as I keep doing more of these half marathon runs instead of the normal slow long distance runs.  Once I get to the 2:10 or below level, I think I will be ready to run a 4:45 San Francisco or Chicago marathon provided that I also do two or three 20 milers before each race.

A unique thing about this Earth Day Challenge half marathon is that the organizers gave each finisher a pine tree seedling to be planted at home. For a small race (probably 300+ runners), this was a well organize race with lots of volunteer support from the Kenyon College students.

Next run is the Capital City Half Marathon in Columbus on May 2.  I hope to keep improving and get it down to the 2:14 or 2:15 level for this one.   The Flying Pig Half Marathon is on May 3 but I have not registered for that yet.  We will see if my body can take running two half marathons back to back.

Another good excuse to run in New York

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My cousin wants to check out colleges in New York.  For Memorial Day weekend, I have been designated to drive her to New York to see the various schools.  This is deja vu for me.  About 12 years ago, I went on this exact same road trip from Ohio to New York as my sister was checking out Columbia University.  The sister eventually did go to Columbia but I was not into running 12 years ago.

This is another great excuse to run around the 6.1 mile Central Park loop.  Hotels seem to be decently priced in Manhattan although in these recessionary times, perhaps one needs to consider Northern New Jersey too.

Natalie Coughlin is a runner. Go Bears!

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My fellow Berkeley alum and greatest female swimmer of all time, Natalie  Coughlin was featured in  the last page of Runner’s World.  This section is typically a short interview with a celebrity who also happens to be a runner.

Perhaps I exaggerate in proclaiming that Coughlin is the greatest female swimmer of all time.   She may not even be the best female swimmer from Berkeley.  The outstanding butterfly swimmer, Mary T. Meagher was also a Berkeley graduate.

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