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October 23, 2008

Westward Ho

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In less than 36 hours, I am taking off for Los Angeles then on to China.  I’m hoping to jog around Tiananmen Square.


October 21, 2008

Another day, another business trip

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Now, this trip is an in and out one.  I leave for New York at 6:45 am (wake up at 5:00 am) and return back to Ohio at 9:00 pm.  At least I am not flyin ommercial and waiting at the airport after many delays.  These are times when you really need marathon training enurance.

October 20, 2008

Light Winter Training

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Now that the marathon is done, I am looking forward to no strenuous physical activity this week and an 11 day vacation starting Friday.

When I get back in November though, it will start getting chilly in Ohio.  Snow will start falling and the temperatures will drop.  It is the season for maintenance mileage.

My cousin is shipping out to Iraq soon.  He was telling me about the US Army Physical Fitness Test.  I think I will do this test as part of my maintenance mileage during the winter.  The goal is to keep decent mileage in the cold winter months and try to lose some weight by controlling the holiday eating.

US Army Physical Fitness Test for my age (passing score)

42 sit-ups in 2 minutes

36 push-ups in 2 minutes

17:42 for a 2 mile run (hello treadmill!)

October 19, 2008

Next race

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Now that the Columbus Marathon is over, I am planning one more race before the end of 2008.  On November 27, Thanksgiving Day, I will run a 5 mile race called the Columbus Turkey Trot in a leafy old wealthy suburb of Columbus called Upper Arlington.  I believe that Upper Arlington’s claim to fame is that it is the birthplace of the second best golfer of all-time, Jack Nicklaus.  Sorry Jack, you ain’t no Tiger.

There is an interesting article on Wikipedia about the history of Upper Arlington including its restrictive covenants in housing that prevented blacks and Jew from owning real estate.  If Tiger Woods lived in the same era as Jack Nicklaus, he could not even puchase property in Upper Arlington.  The city is currently 93.7% white, 3.5% Asian, 1.0% Hispanic, about 0.5% Black, and the rest “other.”   As I ran through Upper Arlington during the marathon this morning, I saw a lot more Obama Biden signs than McCain Palin signs.  Indeed, the times they are a changin (not fast enough for some people).

The Turkey Trot has over 4,000 participants.  I need to finish among the first 1,000 males to get a free pumpkin pie.

Coke tastes wonderful!

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After seven weeks of no soda, I drank my first can of Coke today after the marathon.  Refreshing.

Now, the challenge is not to eat so much over my upcoming vacation and the Holidays.  If I reduce my weight by 10 pounds in 2009, I wonder how much that will help me in the marathon or half marathon in terms of finishing time.  What about if I lose 20 pounds?  More than 20 pounds is not realistic given those five course corporate dinners and three martini lunches 🙂

Columbus Marathon Finished

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I ran the marathon this morning in 5:10:53.  This was a new PR for me by 4 minutes and 2 seconds.  However, I did not break 5:00 which was my goal.  I stayed ahead of the 5:00 pace group for about 19 miles until they caught up with me.  Then I ran with the 5:00 pace group until mile 22.  I felt fatigued by then and just did run / walk for the last 4.2 miles. 

Here is my progress:

10K – 1:05:39

Half Marathon – 2:22:24

20 Miles – 3:49:17

Marathon – 5:10:53

I only did one long run of 22 miles as part of the training for this marathon due to the extremely busy work and travel schedule.  In hindsight, if I had done at least two more long runs of 20 miles or more, I probably would have broken 5:00.  I will probably train with my old marathon training group in mid December to add more discipline for my weekend runs.  Well, on to Cleveland in May 2009 to break 5:00.

Aside from the Cleveland Marathon in May 2009, I plan to run the Chicago Marathon in October 2009.  I will likely also add five or six half marathons to the schedule in 2009.

October 18, 2008

Day before the marathon

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Less than 24 hours before the start of the marathon.  I went to the convention center yesterday to pick up my packet.  About 11,500 runners are registered for both the half and full marathons tomorrow. 

The temperature is going to range from 42 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.  I plan to wear a double layer.  I will wear a short sleeve shirt over a long sleeve shirt.  Before the race, I will have a sweater on which I will toss out when the gun starts.  The sweater will go to charity.  If it gets warmer, then I will also throw away the long sleeve shirt around mile 15-17.

October 17, 2008

Pattern Recognition

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A few years ago, William Gibson wrote a novel about Pattern Recognition.  I wonder is running shoe companies hire “cool hunters” like Cayce Pollard below.  From,

 “The first of William Gibson’s usually futuristic novels to be set in the present, Pattern Recognition is a masterful snapshot of modern consumer culture and hipster esoterica. Set in London, Tokyo, and Moscow, Pattern Recognition takes the reader on a tour of a global village inhabited by power-hungry marketeers, industrial saboteurs, high-end hackers, Russian mob bosses, Internet fan-boys, techno archeologists, washed-out spies, cultural documentarians, and our heroine Cayce Pollard–a soothsaying “cool hunter” with an allergy to brand names.

Pollard is among a cult-like group of Internet obsessives that strives to find meaning and patterns within a mysterious collection of video moments, merely called “the footage,” let loose onto the Internet by an unknown source. Her hobby and work collide when a megalomaniac client hires her to track down whoever is behind the footage. Cayce’s quest will take her in and out of harm’s way in a high-stakes game that ultimately coincides with her desire to reconcile her father’s disappearance during the September 11 attacks in New York.

Although he forgoes his usual future-think tactics, this is very much a William Gibson novel, more so for fans who realize that Gibson’s brilliance lies not in constructing new futures but in using astute observations of present-day cultural flotsam to create those futures. With Pattern Recognition, Gibson skips the extrapolation and focuses his acumen on our confusing contemporary world, using the precocious Pollard to personify and humanize the uncertain anxiety, optimistic hope, and downright fear many feel when looking to the future. The novel is filled with Gibson’s lyric descriptions and astute observations of modern life, making it worth the read for both cool hunters and their prey. “

October 16, 2008

More travel … now in Montreal

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I just arrived in Montreal for another business trip.  Unfortunately, no running in this beautiful city.  Another round of all day meetings tomorrow.  I might be able to do a short two mile jog on Friday and Saturday before the marathon on Sunday.  I am feeling dead tired now.  It looks like the 5:00 pace group may be the one I join.

October 15, 2008

Business travel is not conducive to running

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I’m in New York for two days on business.  I had an excellent ride on the corporate jet this morning.  Flight left on time and arrived on time.  No more waiting for commercial flights in the airport lounge 🙂  My hotel is two blocks from Central Park.  One of the five New York buildings that my company leases is right beside Central Park.  I could easily transfer over here if I wanted to and run in Central Park everyday after work. 

I can see so many runners passing through Central Park.  But these business trips include not only all day meetings but also long five course three hour dinners afterwards.  It’s a good thing we do not have those three martini lunches that they used to have in corporate America circa 1950s or else I would gain so much weight.  No time to run the beautiful 6.1 mile loop around Central Park.  Too bad because New York has fabulous running weather this week in the high 50’s to low 70s.

I did not even attempt to bring running gear knowing I am all work and no play.

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