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July 31, 2008


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I had a deep tissue massage today with a new massage therapist.  Her first comment when massaging my legs were “Oh my God! What sport do you participate in?”   I was surprised by this question and asked her, “Why do you ask?”  She responds, “Well, I’ve massaged thousands of different body type and your quads are so strong and fully developed.  You must be doing some sport.”  I proudly say, “I’m a runner!”

Long live strong quads!  Keep running my friends.

Post massage run:  0.9 mile warm-up and cool down – 10:32,  3.1 mile run – 28:40


July 29, 2008

New York City Marathon Race Report

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I had a difficult time breathing because of the humidity and the 10,500 or so runners packed into Central Park.   The realistic goal in my mind was finish below 2:20.  There was no way I could do a PR of about 2:09 in these conditions.

Mile 1:  10:28 – My wave did not get to start until about 7:17 am.  I was running beside 6 German runners all dressed in orange shirts.  I was wearing a white Adidas shirt and black shorts … the German national soccer team colors.  Some guy was trying to talk to the Germans in English but they apparently could not understand him or were just ignoring him.

Mile 2:  21:30 – This part of the course started the uphill ascent through Central Park.  The race was still so crowded that it was difficult trying to overtake people.  Hundreds of runners were weaving in and out to get to a good spot.  There were lots of people being hit by other runners’ stray elbows and feet.  However, everyone seemed to be in a great mood.

Mile 3.1:  32:59 5K split

Mile 4:  43:25 – More uphill.   We are now headed back to the Upper East Side (at least that’s what I recall).  At this point, I am totally drenched.  It’s a good thing I got a very short haircut on Saturday.

Mile 5:  53:55 – I’ve actually caught up with the 2:30 pace team that started earlier than I did.  Despite the humidity, the pace leader does not seem to be sweating.  Unbelievable.

Mile 6.2:  1:05:23 for 10K – It looks like my second 5K was run in 32:34, 25 seconds faster than the first 5K.  I think I can accelerate more but given the humidity, I am cautious and keep the same pace.

Mile 7:  1:13:35 – I have now passed the starting line and I am heading out of Central Park.  No pain.  This feels like an easy weekend jog.  Should I go faster?  I decide not to go faster and continue the weekend jog while checking out the Manhattan sites.

Mile 8:  No signs so I have no idea what my pace is now.  We are running down Broadway with thousands of people cheering.  I was planning to see a Broadway show later that afternoon.  But I’m having second thoughts now.  I’m thinking that I’d rather sleep.

Mile 9.3:  1:37:30 for 15K – The last 5K was 32:07.  I’m actually going faster than the first two 5Ks.  We turned right on one of these streets but I can’t remember the street number as we go towards the Hudson River.  Could I have a negative split?  We’ll see.

Mile 10:  1:45:20 – We are now going down the West End Highway.  I still feel good but the sun is starting to shine very brightly..  no fatigue yet although I am slowing down slighlty and getting water from the fluid station.

Mile 11:  1:56:00 – This is probably the most boring stretch of the course.  More West End Highway.  I can feel myself slow down a bit.

Mile 12:  2:07:05 – Should I drink or not?   I decide not to.  I feel no pain.  It still feels like an early morning jog.  Why then can I not command my body to run faster in the final mile? 

Mile 12.4:  2:11:42 for 20K – I am definitely feeling the end of the race is close by.  I am slowing down although I still feel great.  I ran this last 5K in 34:12.

Mile 13:   2:17:25 – Battery Park is close by.  I can see the nice high rise condos looming.

Mile 13.1:  2:18:58 including a 10 second stop at mile 13.05 so that my parents can take my picture before crossing the finish line.  I don’t think I had a negative split because I slowed down around mile 11.  My estimate was the first half was at 1:09:00 while the second half was at 1:09:58.

Jamba Juice is awesome.  I receive three cups of Jamba Juice at the post-race party in Battery Park.  They are even giving away Jamba Juice to the spectators.  What a great company!

Then it starts raining.  I walk/jog an extra mile from Battery Park to the car.  I feel great.  No pain.

I’ll be back next year.  I think that 2:15 will be a realistic target next year.

July 27, 2008

New York Half Marathon (done)

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I beat last year’s absymal time by 5:35.  Humidity was terrible (not expected) and Central Park hills were challenging (expected).  Add in some thunder, lightning, and rain which makes it a more fitting party.  I think the humidity slowed me down by 20-30 seconds per mile.  More race reports to follow when I get back home. 

Official race conditions were 70 degress Fahrenheit with 90% humidity. 

The next half-marathon will be all downhill in Columbus on August 31 and another hilly one in Dayton on Sept.  20.  I am hoping to run below 2:10 for those ones as the weather will be better and the courses will be less challenging.

Oh I also saw P-Diddy driving his Lamborghini on 5th Avenues yesterday as I was getting the race packet at Niketown on 57th street.  I’m not really sure though but he did look a lot like P-Diddy.

July 25, 2008

Wide Shoes

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Oh, why, oh why do the big shoe companies (Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma) have so few running shoe models with wide sizes.  I can’t be part of such a small minority of people with wide feet.

More power to New Balance for always having sizes in various widths for most of their models.  Ditto for Asics.  Honorable mention goes to Brooks and maybe Mizuno.

The next time I go to one of the New Balance factory stores in Maine, I will buy 20 pairs of wide shoes.

Work strikes again!

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Total training mileage from Monday to Thursday:  3+ miles.  No way to train for the New York city half-marathon.  At least I mowed the lawn.  That’s about my hardest workout this week.

Lots of things going on at work.  I am fortunate that I can still go to New York tomorrow.  I really should be handling many major crises at work.  But what the heck.  Maybe I can sneak in another 3 miler on Friday in the hotel treadmill when I get to New York and probably two laps around the Central Park reservoir early Saturday morning.

Documentary Film: Running America

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July 23, 2008

Asafa Powell beats Usain “Lightning” Bolt

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July 21, 2008

Jamaican Sprinters

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Here is a link to Sunday’s New York Times article on Jamaican sprinters such as Usain “Lightning” Bolt and how they have avoided the stigma of performance enhancing drugs.

July 20, 2008

Lots of sleep = good running

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I had over 8 hours of sleep last night.  I enjoyed a short Saturday run and felt full of energy. 

0.9 mile warm-up and cool down – 10:33

3.1 mile run – 28:50

Tomorrow is the big 15 miler.  My father has volunteered to drive me to the start and give me water along some two specific stops along the point to point trail.

July 19, 2008

Spirit of Columbus Half-Marathon (new event)

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A new half-marathon called The Spirit of Columbus will be held on Labor Day Weekend in Columbus, Ohio.  The course seems to be all downhill, which is convenient for runners trying to set a PR.

I am planning to run the inaugural event.  Reviews of the race will be coming in a few weeks.

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